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Access to discounts on cash payments!

Dear possible Guest of Apart El Nevado, we inform you as a Cutting Place Policy, exclusively by experiences of other DESTINATIONS near Malargüe, take into account what next in your possible RESERVATION:

CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION ANTICIPATELY, ANYWAY, THE PAYMENT METHOD, cash or not. We try to never have money in the place.

We went ahead in trying not to have any kind of adversity, like a first time, in character of Prevention, Mutual Security and better Tranquility towards our Guests, already hosted, those who commonly come from large cities with difficulties of all kinds, where many times it costs in short stays that know the benefits of Malargüe (Not everyone is the same, but experience tells us). Our main objective It is you and family, in the accompaniment as if it were your home from a distance, each Visit is our best propaganda in the middle. For this reason we try to be in the details that give you peace of mind and the comfort necessary to think only of your enjoyment.

We count it as Deposit or Bank Transfer as the best cost ever, with discount to the cost of counter as Promotion.

Other modality such as Credit or Debit Cards, we own Posnet or if you have left more convenient to use Mercado Pago, where a link is sent to you through a mail corresponding to said function and You and Family decide the method of payment. These costs are without discount. They are counter costs without promotion.

In all cases we must repeat the Canceled Reservations at 100% before arriving at the place.

Unforeseen after your Reservation

the establishments does not take care of any inconvenience outside your Reserve already made, in breach or by any cause This same is subordinated in the order with a prudential time to other opportune reserves, that originate a reservation diagram. This is a very complex job in your armado to not miss any Guest, in addition to others who got lost respecting theirs in the total armed.

We do not return the money, as it has already happened to us on some occasions, due to issues unrelated to us, We keep the days in time, so you can enjoy them, with a previous call of yours and agreement mutual, we always respect them.

We do not insure telephone reservations in the Complex. Except if you make a sign with your credit or debit card at the time.
El Nevado, thank you for your time.

Adriana and Martín, greet you as owners of a Complex of Distinguished departments and Hotel, that await your presence and Family. You will know a wonderful and cordial place, called MALARGÜE. South of the Province of Mendoza - Argentina. Have a great day.